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At Chose Choeu And Associates we strive for creating and communicating a favourable public image and reputation for our clients.

What we Do

Chose Choeu & Associates helps your organisation to develop its goals and provide it the continuing support needed to realize those goals. We develop and manage strategic partnerships and coalitions.

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We understand your challenges

Government Strategies

Planning and Execution

Crisis Management

Public Policy

We partner with clients to understand their challenges, help them identify their priorities, and serve as their voice in the Local, Provincial and National legislative arena. Our longstanding networks, built with these three spheres of governement, combined with our experience in government relations and public policy, enable us to successfully advocate on behalf of our clients.

Our key roles in assisting your company are as follow:

Developing and implementing appropriate Corporate Affairs strategies, programmes, and policies for all stakeholders to achieve positive image & brand.

Managing the production and dissemination of information with targeted stakeholders through appropriate channels.

Leading the implementation of the organisation’s media-relations strategy to enhance goodwill and positive coverage.

Managing the development and implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility programmes.

Designing programmes to create and maintain a positive image of the organisation to the external stakeholders.

Managing and coordinating research into stakeholder’s perceptions and image of your organisation.

Planning & managing the organisation’s corporate affairs events.

Developing and implementing crisis management strategies to alleviate crisis situations and maintain positive reputation.

Advising the Executive Committee on key strategic communications, and reputation management.

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Chose Choeu & Associates offers a comprehensive and personalized suite of public policy and governement relations services. We can help you navigate official South African political landscape, and build important brand equity with elected officials, policy leaders and decision makers in the Local, Provincial and National Government.